miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Ch'ol Blog 2010, No. 1

This Blog will be about the Maya Ch'ol language spoken in northern Chiapas, Mexico. Ch'ol is divided into two mayor dialects: the Ch'ol of Tila and the Ch'ol
of Tumbala. Since I live in Palenque where mostly Ch'ol from Tumbala is spoken, I will deal mostly with this variant. By the way, it is the one that is less documented by the SEP, a fact that disturbs many Ch'ol speakers. So we'll do even some "social justice" here.  
Stick around for the first post about Ch'ol language, rite and culture...

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  1. Have an in-depth look on a Mayan language
    "Ch'ol is a Mayan language nowadays still spoken in northern Chiapas, Mexico. There are [...]"
    The complete Mesoamerica