jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Ch'ol Blog 2010, No. 2

Here goes the first entry: This is something I like very much about Ch'ol. In contrary to most other Maya languages Ch'ol speakers still use numbers in Maya and not in Spanish. The list that I post here is not reconstructed or a show of rare and exotic knowledge. This list was recorded with the help of our hotel personal.
The woman the knows more is (surprisingly to me) the only one that doesn't know to write and read properly. To here all this numbers was fascinating, it was the first time that I heard them pronounced by a native speaker that didn't learn them from some mayanist. 
Hun pe’
Cha’ pe’
Hux pe’
Chön pe’
Ho’ pe’
Wök pe’
Wuk pe’
Waxök pe’
B’olum pe’
Luhum pe’
Hunluhum pe’ (11 - NB)
Cha’luhum pe’ (12 - NB)
Huxluhum pe’
Chönluhum pe’
Ho’luhum pe’
Wökluhum pe’
Wukluhum pe’
Waxökluhum pe’
B’olumjuhun pe’
Hun k’al (no numerical classifier)
Hunk’alhun pe’
Hunk’alcha’ pe’
Hunk’alhux pe’
Hunk’alchön pe’
Hunk’alho’ pe’
Hunk’alwök pe’
Hunk’alwuk pe’
Hunk’alwaxök pe’
Hunk’alb’olum pe’
Hunk’alluhum pe’
Hunk’alhunluhum pe’
Hunk’alcha’luhum pe’
Hunk’alhuxluhum pe’
Hunk’alchönluhum pe’
Hunk’alho’luhum pe’
Hunk’alwökluhum pe’
Hunk’alb’olumjuhun pe’
Cha’ k’al (no numerical classifier)
Cha’k’alhun pe’
Cha’k’alcha’ pe’
Cha’k’alhux pe’
Cha’k’alchön pe’
Cha’k’alho’ pe’
Cha’k’alwök pe’
Cha’k’alwuk pe’
Cha’k’alwaxök pe’
Cha’k’alb’olum pe’
Cha’k’alluhum pe’
Cha’k’alhunluhum pe’
Cha’k’alcha’luhum pe’
Cha’k’alhuxluhum pe’
Cha’k’alchönluhum pe’
Cha’k’alho’luhum pe’
Cha’k’alwökluhum pe’
Cha’k’alb’olumjuhun pe’
Hux k’al (60 no numerical classifier)
Chön k’al (80 no numerical classifier)
Ho k’al (no numerical classifier)
Wök k’al (no numerical classifier)
Wuk k’al (no numerical classifier)
Waxök k’al (no numerical classifier)
B’olum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Luhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Hunluhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Cha’luhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Huxluhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Chönluhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Ho’luhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Wökluhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Wukluhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
Waxökluhum k’al (no numerical classifier)
B’olumjuhun k’al (no numerical classifier)
Hun B’ak’ (400 no numerical classifier)
Hun B’ak’ Hun pe’
Hun B’ak’ Cha’ pe’
Hun B’ak’ Hux pe’
Hun B’ak’ Chön pe’
Hun B’ak’ Ho’ pe’
Hun B’ak’ Wök pe’
Hun B’ak’ Wuk pe’
Cha’ B’ak’
Hux B’ak’
Waxök pe’ Mil (8.000: here the pure Ch'ol stops)

miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Ch'ol Blog 2010, No. 1

This Blog will be about the Maya Ch'ol language spoken in northern Chiapas, Mexico. Ch'ol is divided into two mayor dialects: the Ch'ol of Tila and the Ch'ol
of Tumbala. Since I live in Palenque where mostly Ch'ol from Tumbala is spoken, I will deal mostly with this variant. By the way, it is the one that is less documented by the SEP, a fact that disturbs many Ch'ol speakers. So we'll do even some "social justice" here.  
Stick around for the first post about Ch'ol language, rite and culture...